schnelek Exchange of critical IT infrastructure in a logistics company

The family-owned company Schnellecke Logistics, with a strong presence in more than 18 countries around the world, was founded by Albert Schnellecke in the city of Wolfsburg in 1939.

The company, specializing in logistical solutions for the automotive industry and other sectors, is known for services in the areas of warehousing, transportation, and assembly.

Its strong commitment to innovation and efficient processes has made it one of the leading providers of logistics services in the industry.

O projekte

The management of the German company decided to renew the existing server infrastructure in its Bratislava - Devínska Nová Ves operation. Despite an alternative offer of a cloud solution, proposing the transition to financing procurement through operational costs (rental), the cost-effective and technically advanced on-premise solution offer from the Dell-CDP tandem appealed to the client so much that we won the tender and successfully implemented the project.

We prepared the project well in advance, mainly due to the need to maintain continuous "just in time" operations. Therefore, the main idea of the delivered solution was to achieve almost zero RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

The solution was designed with an emphasis on the requirements of a special warehouse application for RFID codes, which requires working with real-time data. Also, the connection for inventory management and dispatch with the key client Volkswagen in Bratislava required the use of advanced technologies.

Exchange of critical IT infrastructure in a logistics company


The utilization of the latest Dell EMC PowerStore data storage by Dell Technologies not only brought dynamism from the perspective of data handling but also significant savings in disk space, thanks to its specific data deduplication functionality. All flash, usable capacity in the tens of TB achieves a compression ratio of up to 4:1.

Another outstanding feature, Dell Technologies Witness in combination with Metro nodes, provides practically zero downtime of the infrastructure. The primary task of the Witness is to oversee the Metro Node solution, with the Witness having real-time information on which location is available and importantly, which of the two locations is primary.

Significant reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and improvement in flexibility was achieved thanks to Volume/LUN Level Granularity.

Network interconnection at the SAN level is secured with 32GB/s fibre channel switches and at the LAN level also with Dell devices at 10GB/s. These speeds fully utilize the performance of all flash storage arrays.

The solution allows for efficient backup of the entire virtual infrastructure at the level of virtual servers, capable of ensuring the availability of critical production servers. The backup system used is software from Veeam, a leader in the field of virtual infrastructure backup. The solution also includes licenses for Veeam One.



  • Increased certainty of access to company data over time
  • Reduction of regional operational costs
  • Increased decision-making flexibility
  • Operational flexibility due to zero downtime
  • Higher data protection achieved by optimizing the backup process
  • Enhanced cybersecurity

The selection of the solution and the subsequent migration went very smoothly, thanks to the professionalism of CDP. As for the solution itself, it is significantly better than our previous one, and everything works as it was originally presented.

I can only recommend cooperation with CDP, as well as the solution itself.

- Michal Mislovič, IT administrator in Schnellecke Logistics

The solution designed by CDP has significantly facilitated our strategic cost planning for the upcoming period, as the robustness of this solution allows for a gradual migration of individual operations to the regional data center in Bratislava, thereby significantly reducing local operating costs in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Poland."

- Ľuboš Konopeus, IT manager Region Europe, Schnellecke Logistics

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